Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Post Office More Like Ghost Office

The topic of this blog post is about the similarities and differences of the post office and email. (Hint my title, get it? Ghost office? Because...their...kind of outdated). I think this post is especially fun because I grew up in the era of email and I also had to use the post office here and there. Growing up email became more and more of a popular thing, like today's texting. Of course, it was around before I was born, but I was born right into the midst of it all. To start, the similarities between each other is that they are used to convey messages. The only difference is that email is extremely fast and usually reliable. But, you cannot send boxes and actual objects through emails, you'll need a post office or FedEx for that. But, with the change in the internet, you can buy or send someone something just with the click of a button. Although that is simple and modern, it still requires the middleman, the post office! I don't think any time soon post offices will be a thing of the past, but there is always the chance they can disappear with the advances in technology. But, sometimes getting a tangible letter is more special than just a new email in your inbox. An example is when my mom and dad had a divorce, my mom moved across the state. Since I didn't get to see her that often, we would of course call, but also send letters to each other for fun. I would get excited to receive something in the mail just for me! She would spray her perfume in the letter, something that I could smell to remind me of her. You can't spray perfume and send it through an email. Even if the post office isn't as popular as it used to be, it's still pretty nifty and needed still today. Unless we get drones to send and receive our packages, I don't think the post office is going anywhere soon.

Our Guest and My Thoughts

Last week in our class we had a guest speaker. Well, I'm sorry to say but I'm bad with names and all I can remember is that his first name was Eric (oops!) But that's kind of beside the point. When Eric came in to talk to us, he struck me as an interesting guy. He talked about his journey that led him to the career he's at now. I thought this was inspirational because he had to struggle and experience many letdowns. This was comforting to me because I'm someone who stresses too much about my future. Will I graduate? If I do, will I be able to get a job? What will my life be after college? Eric helped to teach me that there are ups and down, but if you at least don't give up, you are able to achieve anything. He also talked about his wife and how she was accepted to work for a company (although she was a graphic designer) and was able to have a career that helped to make her successful. I liked this because it also goes proves to me that even if I don't get the job I want, it may be a blessing in disguise. Eric also has a podcast and since I am a fan of them, I thought that was actually really cool! I also appreciated that he was an author because I am getting a writing degree, it was cool to see someone who has written and published books. Overall, I am excited to have other inspiring speakers come in and tell us about their life journey.

Monday, October 2, 2017

What I expect to learn from this class...

What I expect to learn from this class is a number of things to do with the world of technology and its growth. So far, what the class has covered in just a few short days is already interesting. The professor is cool and seems very experienced in what he is teaching. I enjoy his stories and it makes what we are learning in the class have a more personal feel to it. I expect to learn more about the World Wide Web and the internet and how they differ from one another. I am eager to learn more about past technology and how it has changed drastically over time. I also can’t wait to discuss the current changes in technology and the web and what is to be expected from it as it continues to change and evolve each and every day. I am particularly excited to discuss the evolution of artificial intelligence and if we have let it and continue to let it grow stronger, maybe too strong. This is something I heard will listening to a TED Talk a week before classes started. Being the nerd I am, I want to learn more and have conversations about it in a class based on technology. As technology, the web, and internet begin to change, I like to educated and keep educating myself on the matter. I enjoy being able to have a pretty good understanding of how it works and I would like to continue to develop skills and knowledge to help with that. So far in the week or so that I have been in this class, I do like it and can’t wait to expand my knowledge on the subject. This class is defiantly unlike any class I have had before (in a good way!).